Milk throwing at Man City: Jose Mourinho jokes

Topical jokes in the week that milk is thrown at Jose Mourinho after Manchester United lose the derby. 

jose mourinho

Four centuries after Shakespeare and we gather in the middle of nowhere to listen to some illiterate Yank go on about his ‘sex’ being on fire. Uh-huh.

Jose Mourinho is basically Sam Allardyce with a sun tan – which weirdly is also what Pat Butcher is.

Jose Mourinho refuses to comment on Man City milkgate, saying the incident past his eyes.

Jings I didn’t know Jose Mourinho was the head of the FA’s Overcelebration unit.

People saying Richard Madeley should not be on The Daily Politics because he knows fuck all about politics. Weeell that’s kind of the core requirement.

Jose Mourinho pelted with milk just after saying his players were not guilty of friesian.

So Man City throw a milk cup. Have we time travelled back to the 1980s?

Man Utd promise full investigation into Mourinho milk throwing incident, adding that it is not a black-and-white situation.

Milk thrown at Jose Mourinho, some time after the second calf.

Milk thrown at Jose Mourinho. Yet more pints just thrown away there.

Jurgen Klopp self destructs on the telly – presumably the interviewer was Mark Clattenburg.

I see big Mark Clattenburg is trying to undo his own self destruction now.

Instead of giving the remotest shit about cycling, let’s make it entertaining by forcing all riders to drop acid.

Think the sickmaking Amazon ad missed the vast network of wage slaves trapped in warehouses with toilet radars.

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