Topical Jokes: Katie Hopkins, Donald Trump and royal wedding

Topical jokes as Katie Hopkins leaves Mail Online and Donald Trump retweets fascist group, the Republican Party. 


Eddie Izzard is promising to be independent in his Labour NEC pitch. Actually Eddie I want someone who’s influenced by the views of the Labour Party.

And here’s me thinking Britain First was sumat to do with Eurovision.

If only liberals could get as angry about illegal wars as they do retweets.

This whole Donald Trump thing is just an elaborate prank to get Piers Morgan sacked.

Arsene Wenger should join Twitter and constantly reshare Piers Morgan’s Trump tweets.

Donald Trump claims he thought the UK extremist party was the Tory Party.

Donald Trump retweeting the far right. Next thing you know he’ll be putting them into gover- Oh

We need to forget about Prince Harry about focus on really import things, like what daytime TV stars think about shit.

As a punishment, Angela Lansbury should be forced to solve drug murders in Castlemilk.

Mad extremist who has made a career from bigotry continues to edit the Daily Mail.

Amir Khan doesn’t know who Theresa May is. Then again, I’m not sure the boy knows who Amir Khan is.

To be honest I don’t think England’s failure to win the World Cup had anything to do with Rio Ferdinand and Frank Lampard not comparing sexts for a bit.

Katie Hopkins deletes her tweets as she pivots to a career managing sanitation units at Mothercare Croydon.

After quitting the Mail, the only place Katie Hopkins will possibly get a job is managing social media for Isis.

They say Meghan Markle has given up acting but she’s going to spend the rest of her life pretending she has a job.

Katie Hopkins is so extreme, Prince Harry won’t dress up as her.

There are people openly celebrating this Royal bollox with their real names and photos. More from Prince Charles later.

I hope Harry doesn’t get married in what he wears for fancy dress parties.

George Osborne said we should fix the roof while the sun shines. Thanks to him, we literally can’t afford to fix roofs at any time.

David Davis insists Damian Green cannot be sacked – at least until all that pron has been ported on to a new hard drive.

This Damian Green porn controversy is a hard one.

Daily Mail shares plunge. Thankfully staff know the calm, reflective people who run the place won’t cut wages and increase hours.

Daily Mail shares plunge – look forward to our EU haters-in-chief bussing in a load of zero hours Bulgarian to make their bigotsheets.

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