Topical jokes: Labour racism row, ball tampering and IS plea

Topical jokes as the Labour racism row goes on, Australia are still upset about some sandpaper and the Islamic State ‘Beatles’ have a whinge. 

jeremy corbyn

Labour’s NEC gets Eddie Izzard but we await confirmation as to whether he is going to be a team captain.

So what, Labour’s NEC is now overspill for anyone who did not get on QI?

Cricket Australia say Steve Smith faces a further a ban after massively undermining Australia’s macho image.

Thank God we didn’t have social media when the Nazis was around or Hitler and Goebbels would’ve been called the Third Reich Bluetones.

The Islamic State Beatles sounds like the worst tribute act ever.

Someone tell the Islamic State Beatles that their mums don’t want to know where they are.

It will come out at some point that Ant McPartlin got driving lessons off George Michael.

There is no greater proof that your journalism has been compromised by power than being granted an interview with Tony Blair.

The FA does not want politics in football. Then you’ve got Tony Blair who doesn’t want politics in politics.

Facebook exec writes meme saying we can kill people it’s fine, ‘was being provocative’. No wonder they are so crap at finding hatespeech.

Steve Smith. there, wishing he had become an arms dealer instead.

Corbyn crisis again

“Corbyn supporters are racists. Brexit voters are racists. Scottish Nationalists are racists. Chorus of the Progess faction attempt to get Xmas number one there.

“So basically if you don’t agree that you are a racist then you’re a racist? Anyone know what Joseph Heller is up to?”

Treat all religions and their frontmen equally – ie like a bunch of double glazing salesmen saying whatever to get a free house.

Labour won’t be happy until Jeremy Corbyn personally throws nukes off a Hercules above Gaza while signing God Save with a properly knotted tie.

Aussies pull innocent faces as they bowl a wide which then hits off stump.

Best punishment for the Aussie cricket team would be to play in swimming trunks.

The main prejudicial conspiracy theory in Labour is the one saying all Jeremy Corbyn supporters are racist commies.

The British Establishment’s reaction to Jeremy Corbyn is like a starter course for living in Putin’s Russia.

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