Topical jokes: Boris border madness, KFC crisis and snowmageddon

Topical jokes as Boris Johnson compares the Camden-Westminster border to Ireland and KFC runs out of chicken. 

boris johnson

Normally folk use a digger to get out of Lidl.

Credit Sunderland for letting vulnerable , and often forgotten, people who spend hours in the cold stay at the stadium. Do they mean the Sunderland defence?

If you see something strange, please do report it to the British Transport Police. Like say, a Southern train, moving anywhere.

Great new book about how Boris Johnson should be PM by political journalist Joe Kaine.

No, the Blair Witch project is not a history of the last three decades of British politics.

John Major another Tory politician allowed to pretend he isn’t a Tory. I wonder how long it took to defrost him.

In our crazy MSM world, Jeremy Corbyn is called a racist while Tories are lauded for criticising people they told us to fucking elect.

The Daily Mail attempting to expose the racist past of Max Mosley. Now who else has a racist past we know of?

Border buffoon

The only thing hard about the Camden Westminster border is the drugs.

Boris Johnson discussing the Camden Westminster ‘border’. A clear sign of someone who’s been to too many midweek indie nights.

Comparing the Irish border to Camden-Westminster is bizarre. One’s a massive change in cultural values, the other is not even on the mainland.

If we had meritocracy then Toby Young would work free in Poundland. Actually no, he’s be on the waiting list.

Loads of people oppose Rupert Murdoch’s bid for Sky – probably including Sky.

The lyrics to Eye of the Tiger basically generated the entire self help industry.

We now know the chicken crossed the road because they bored of waiting for DHL to turn up.

To be fair I’m amazed folk who eat a lot of KFC can walk to the shops.

Big shock for me this week was the news KFC relies on chicken.

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