Newsnight row: Tommy Robinson jokes and Spice Girls jokes

Topical jokes, including Tommy Robinson jokes, as the former EDL chief appears on Newsnight. 


You’ve got to love it when fans of Top Gear complain that calling them racist is a crude generalisation.

Jeremy Corbyn was called a national security threat. Thanks to that slander he now must feel threatened, nationally.

If Tommy Robinson wants to use the BBC to reach closet racists then he should go on Top Gear.

Tommy Robinson probably isn’t going to radicalise Newsnight viewers – they got converted by that other nutjob, Tony Blair.

Why are people wetting themselves because Tommy Robinson’s on telly. It’s only Newsnight, naecunt’s watching.

Hollywood announces the blatant use of women to glamourise motorsport will continue forever.

Maybe the role of humanity is to destroy the eco system to begat a new one. Dang, this is what I end up musing on when Lovejoy isn’t being repeated.

Nick Berry current status: Recording Madonna inspired track Beansprouts Don’t Keep for the Food Standards Agency You Tube.

Not saying the Chinese Super League is soulless – but you probably get a better atmosphere at Morrison’s on a Saturday morning.

Pompous Lord quits for being late and is then told to stay by his boss. Meanwhile someone on 2p-an-hour at Sports Direct is sacked for turning up on time.

Chelsea shambolically lose, which will at least make Olivier Giroud feel at home.

Clarke Gayford: “I am really looking forward to spending time with my oper- I mean baby son.”

Main transfer news in Scotland is an argument over a case of case of Irn Bru mistakenly sent to Tannadice. Arbitration expected.

I am thoroughly ashamed to be late, says man who owes his job to feudal political processes from the 13th century.

Cathy Newman’s equal pay for rich people campaign is like something out of Brass Eye.

With women increasingly a majority in newsrooms, BBC plans for equal gender representation is great news for incompetent males.

I’m told mourners for Ingvar Kamprad have assembled…some shelves.

Darts to replace the walk on girls with Nigel Farage.

The way Everton fans go on, you’d think they’d won the last five EPLs. Pep’s no coming to Goodison, he’s washing his hair.

Rangers should really have the nickname Blue Brazil.

Women getting paid loads for travelling all over the world to stand about for a bit now jobless due to ‘feminism’. No wonder Germaine Greer is so grumpy.

That Jacob Rees-Mogg fight was nearly as violent as an Audley Harrison fight.

Spice Girls are having to reform now that they’ve lost the darts gig.

Spice Girls won’t sing or record on new albums – so just like the old days.

Spice Girls to reform – the state of that, they’ll constantly have to explain at airports that they aren’t on a hen do to Benidorm.

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