Topical jokes: Hawaii nuke threat and Tory eugenics row

Topical jokes as the Tories still cannot stop saying things about eugenics and Hawaii accidentally warns World War III has started.

The saving grace of Jeremy Hunt’s NHS is that it’s way too chaotic to enact the mad eugenics ideas of his colleagues.

Tory demands vasectomy for feckless poor people who don’t have jobs. Surprising way to treat your supporters.

Ben Bradley deletes blog welcoming police brutality to stop riots. Don’t worry, Boris Johnson will publish another one in the Telegraph next week.

˜I am delighted to return to the England team.” says big Ben Stokes. He’s gone off to a nightclub to celebrate.

Franco Zola says VAR is going well in Italy. Yes although in Italy the VAR is based at a bookies in Sicily.

Supermarkets can be a drag, especially with all these retail magnates around.

McDonalds makes pledge on recycling packaging. They already recycle food – into Big Macs.

Missed the RSPCA cruelty hearing as I was washing my hare.

Hawaii has a strict bill of rights around the sell and distribution of ice cream known as the Magnum Carte D’or.

Donald Trump is a mentally unstable racist. Which breaks new ground for the presidency which is normally done by a mentally stable racist.

No real shock to see someone from UKIP being chucked out for black king up.

How many other organisation have pre-loaded nuclear war tweets. The educated classes are the ones supposed to be NOT panicking.

The one benefit of playing golf when nuclear war starts is there you’re close to a bunker.

Boss of Hawaii nuke text sender has gone ballistic apparently.

You don’t need nukes to destroy America. You just need to be able to send fake texts to golfers.

Shock in Hawaii as it emerges US golfers have matresses which repel nuclear attacks.

Creepy eugenics botherer Toby Young shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near school, never mind running one.


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