Blacking up row: Geoff Boycott jokes and traingate jokes

Topical jokes as Geoff Boycott threatens to ‘black up’, the Big Ben row drones on, traingate is exposed as a sham and Ben Elton whines about no-one liking his shows. 

cricket ball

Brendan Rodgers reacts to Champs League draw by vowing to get through. I assume he means airport security.

Weirdo centrist Manu Macron insists his 26k make up bill will prevent a terrorist mascara.

This new Virgin tickets agency is amazing. They keep telling me there are free seats.

Hilarity of traingate is one of the papers which falsely debunked the story was the paper which actually broke the story.

I think traingate needs to be nationalised.

Time for Richard Branson to apologise for any inconvenience he caused.

I wonder if Madeline McCann conspiracy theorists will try and set up their own caliphate.

Harrowing dramas need to do more than just be set in north west London.

I could see Geoff Boycott opening for UKIP.

Donald Trump says there will be no more safe havens for terrorists. Mind you most of them were enabled by the US.

BBC now regretting letting Geoff Boycott do his diversity training in Weatherspoons.

Geoff Boycott’s comments about not being knighted explain why he has not been knighted.

Boycott’s blackout

Just don’t ask Geoff Boycott what he thinks about Marcel Desailly.

Not entirely sure how Geoff Boycott thinks most knights of the realm are black. Has he got them confused with the MOBOs?

Geoff Boycott, there, clearly eyeing up the Duke of Edinburgh role.

Geoff Boycott’s apology came out faster than a Curtly Ambrose delivery.

Geoff Boycott says he needs to black up to get a knighthood. I think he needs to back up and quick.

Britain’s post Brexit prospects not exactly enhanced by the fact it’s taking us four years to fix a bell.

I’m sure the McDonald’s they’re building in Big Ben will be great.

And so MPs bow in sadness for a clock. Next they’ll be doing the official shoulder shrug to mark the Iraq War.

HS2 sounds like it will be periodic service.

We will prosecute hate crime fairly, says Alison Saunders speaking from a cherry picker.

It must be weird for the CIA to be out-nuttered by the Prez.

The idea that someone can cross disciplines and defeat a supreme champion has been totally disproved by Jeremy Hunt.

Not saying Mayweather McGregor is a joke but the undercard is Jeremy Hunt v Stephen Hawking & Steve Pound vs a bell.

So basically unless we learn to love Ben Elton comedies, LAUGHTER MIGHT DIE.

Ben Elton, there, warning that soon laughter will have to be bred in captivity at Edinburgh Zoo.

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