Article 50: Legsit jokes and Brexit jokes

The Daily Mail’s legsit headline features in our latest batch of topical jokes.

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Ivanka Trump at the Women of Courage awards, discussing brave female actions such as marrying The Donald.

Theresa May to ward off Brexit backlash by announcing snap…series of Celebrity Bake Off.

Jihadi martyrs get 72 virgins. Remoaner martyrs get 72 weekday discount tickets to Harry Potter world.

Some retoddlers are getting so angry about Brexit we might have to ban them from driving.

Andy Coulson could prompt a lot of people to stop reading the Telegraph, although not as many as the Telegraph will.

Telegraph appoint Andy Coulson to key role. The Telegraph is the best place for dodgy leaders.

Remoaners keep moving back the deadline for Total Chaos Meltdown. First it was straight away, then it was soon and now it’s tbc.

Those folk who say Bradley Wiggins is a cheat are peddling hate.

Someone put comic sans into a 3D printer and it made Ed Miliband.

Just don’t make Marine A angry.

Boris Johnson rejects legsit scandal, saying all body parts will have to leave the EU.

Paul Dacre walks into a bar. Everybody legs it.

People say the Daily Mail doesn’t care about male politicians looks. Wrong, they’re very keen on skin colour.

Paul Dacre hates sex education because he knows he needs it so desperately.

The Daily Mail proved right as Theresa May outlines hard Brexit plan and Nicola Sturgeon legs it.

Theresa May responds to sexist Daily Mail headline by asking pollsters if this will get her more votes.

Rip up the Daily Mail, says Alastair Campbell – the man who spent years sucking up to them.

Paul Dacre oscillates between neo fanatical moralism and creepy Theresa May fancyism.

CEOs should be seen and not heard.

George Osborne should perform his six jobs to the soundtrack of The Entertainer.

Asked for his favourite Nina Simone song, Boris Johnson replies ‘Buffalo Stance’.

Remoaners appalled by Johnny Lydon forget that he’s famous for slagging off an outdated institution irrationally loved by the middle class.

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