Man elected to run country, runs country

Millions of people have taken to the streets to protest after the US President started a controversial program of implementing his policies.

donald trump

Demonstrators say it is a fundamental tenet of modern democracy for politicians to come out with a load of stuff and then not do anything.

However US President Donald Trump has in fact chosen to enact his manifesto, plunging the US into a constitutional crisis.

Voter Larry Jackson explained: “We have had years of politicians doing nothing apart from starting an occasional war and nobody minds that as they gotta have something to do.

“Sure I voted for Donald Trump because I thought it would be kinda funny. You know, he’s already on the TV and now he wants to be President. Normally presidents haven’t been on the TV before, so I thought that was kinda cool .

“But now he is doing some of the crazy stuff he was talking about that is not what I expect in a democracy. In a democracy, politicians renege on all their promises so that John Stewart can do really good monologues. That’s democracy right there.”

Angie McClean said the protests would go on until the President followed traditional protocols, such as spending most of his time playing golf.

She said: “Presidents carrying out their promises is the last phase before we go into total dictatorship.

“Who does Donald Trump think  he is? The President of the United States?”

Donald Trump supporters, meanwhile, have responded to revolts across America but continuing to not actually give that much of a shit.

Todd Wernlaub said: “I think it is great Donald Trump is making America great again. He said he’d ban the terrorists so that’s great. If these folk aren’t terrorists, then why do they have silly names? I used to watch Columbo, that’s what he’d say.”

Ray Dive said said he was disappointed no-one had been fired yet.

He said: “The tasks aren’t as good as they normally are and Donald seems to be doing them as well as judging them which really isn’t as good.

“I cannot wait till they have to market organic ice creams – that’s always the best one.”

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