Searches about Google tax evasion stories net Google huge profits

Google executives have admitted they had no idea avoiding tax would be so profitable.


In addition to saving billions by hiding their company profits in tax havens, the search engine also made money from the ensuing bad publicity.

Google exec Martin Schafer told Newsfox: “The day the tax evasion story came out would normally be a terrible one for any large business.

“There were people saying all sorts of terrible stuff about us – but the one common thing that joined them is that they were using Google.”

He added: “Once people had googled ‘google evil bastards’ they then clicked on our ads for cheap soap on Amazon.

“It is becoming clear that bad publicity may be a major revenue stream for us in the future.”

Strategists at the company are now looking at other scandals Google could do they might generate huge search volumes.

Schafer said: “We could fund Isis by accident like Washington does or we could employ children on slave labour. But then we realised that we already do those things and people aren’t really that bothered.

“We are surprised that people get so mad about tax. Anyone would think we had stolen money from their local children’s hospital. Oh wait a minute.”

MPs are furious with Google’s behaviour and have promised serious reforms to prevent further abuses.

Tory MP Wilson Weatherby-Tollet said: “We are planning to send Google an email although their website just seems to be a rectangular box. These guys are crafty.

“Look it is not as if these guys are the gateway to all knowledge as well as having Big Brother-esque capacities to retain data and control you through fear.”

He added: “I have seen their campus and it looks awfully nice. Ball nice chaps working in a place like that can’t be too bad.”

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