Muslims banned from the US: Donald Trump jokes

We have yet more Donald Trump jokes as he praises Katie Hopkins and suggests banning Muslims from America.

donald trump

If Donald Trump dies, I doubt there’ll be hell toupees.

Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle is about what America would be like if Donald Trump won.

The only other person desperate enough to re-tweet Katie Hopkins praise is Tony Blair.


Donald Trump-Katie Hopkins be like Alien vs Predator, just more feral and less attractive.

Donald Trump praises Katie Hopkins. I didn’t think he could get more extremist than yesterday.

Republicans may need some acting lessons to aid their outrage at Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is a thought experiment. Or, more precisely, a lack of thought experiment.

Only America could follow a black President with the most racist politician ever elected in any democracy.

Took Germans a horrific war & decades of poverty before fascism came. In the US, an attack on a country they always slag off did the trick.

The only growth America will get is that of the resentment Donald Trump is tapping into.

So response to American fascist Donald Trump is to ban him. Sounds a bit fascist to me.

There will be exceptions to the Muslim ban says Donald Trump, such as Donald Trump.

Guardian’s critique of Trump today had all the force of a shy RE teacher.

Jeez, how long before Trump just suggests killing Muslims for no reason? Oh wait we’re already doing that.

Trump v Saudi

Saudi royal is seen as progressive as he employs an all-women staff. Duties include blow jobs, blow jobs and blow jobs.

Apparently Trump-hating Prince Alwaleed is ‘considered progressive’. Unlike Prince Harry then.

We really need to sort of these meddlesome client states who keep voting for fascists, says the Prince of Saudi Arabia.

Last tango in Paris

I think the cheers in Paris were those relieved that missing climate change targets won’t matter.

Unless hundreds of smug, overpaid white people applauding themselves cools the Earth, nothing’s changed.

Good news for smog addled Beijing. Your unaccountable rulers just signed something to which they’re unaccountable.

I hope the press releases coming out of Paris are waterproof.

The one danger of climate deals is that they unleash tsunamis – of propaganda.

A few Syrians appear to be angry that Stop the War doesn’t want to start a war.

Desmond has caused devastation across England. About time people woke up to the Daily Express.

Virgin Trains planning another week of Christmas misery. Well at least it is not a time of year when people like to visit family.

Media desperately re-writing their ‘Venezuelan socialists fix elections again’ stories.

Blairites are the worst guests ever – the party ended in 2010 for God’s sake.

Katie Hopkins should spend time studying no go areas for Katie Hopkins. There’s plenty.

Nick Griffin has just had some new windows put in  – made by a company called Overton.

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