Katie Hopkins jokes, plebgate jokes and more

Some jokes on television troll queen Katie Hopkins and topical gags featuring Ian Holloway, plebgate and David Cameron.


Katie Hopkins suffering rail delays as the 7.42 from Guilford refuses to share a platform with her.

I prefer benefits cheats to people who make a living inviting Katie Hopkins on television.

Look Katie Hopkins is just saying any old rubbish so she gets paid. Her true opinions are actually much more extreme.

And Glasto announces the Sunday night headliner will be Katie Hopkins.

New police show coming – Hopkins and Currie is about two maverick cops who ignore crime and steal food off malnourished single mums.



You should check out Katie Hopkins MySpace, which is in between her ears.

Katie Hopkins is desperate for a reality TV show. It would be like Apocolypse Now but with whites-only coffee mornings.

Bloody Katie Hopkins – you were supposed to drive Alan Sugar mad, not The Rest of Humanity.

You tell your kids if they’re fat. You should also tell kids that their mother is an abhorrent toerag if she’s that Katie Hopkins off the TV.

This Morning in the days of egomaniac Richard Madeley and his supplicant missus were positively hi-brow compared to now.

Stripped of chemical weapons, Bashar Assad asks if he can use Katie Hopkins clips.

What to dress up as for Halloween? Frankenstein, Dracula or Katie Hopkins’s personality?

Topical jokes

You hear about these people who can fix shoes but it sounds like a load of cobblers to me.

The Tories believe in meritocracy, something they themselves have never experienced.

Another nutter stopped from entering Palace. Police later apologised to Ian Holloway.

A desperate David Cameron agrees he will talk like BA Baracus in his next party political broadcast.

Greg Dyke defends FA commission make up. Ah see they are diverse, they’ve got some transvestites on board. Or Becks

Latest people who’ve been told to ‘go home’:
1. Doreen Lawrence
2. Nelson Mandela
3. Roy Hodgson

Phil Tufnell fielded at third sleep.

The other worrying thing about NSA is what were all those Moon trips about.

Mindless thug loses court battle to be allowed to vote – although Eric Joyce can continue to be an MP.

Most of the Madelaine McCann calls are coming from desperate Daily Express reporters.

There’s been an overwhelming response to the latest McCann appeal. From trolls.

Major al Qaeda lieutenant sang Miley Cyrus songs after he was illegally detained by the CIA in Italy. It was an extraordinary rendition.

Plebgate jokes

What prompts Tories to admonish police?
a) Lawrence
b) Stop and Search
c) A stupid fuckwit on a bike

The police have been peddling lies for again.

Twat rages about bike. Other twats lie about twat’s rage.  War, economic corruption & spying go on.

Police should apologise over Andrew Mitchell & admit they should’ve bitchslapped him with an inflatable pink elephant.

A raging Tory party respond to plebgate affair by backing more spying and unaccountable police powers.

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