EDL jokes, Tory loon row and pun fun

Jokes on the latest Tory row and the idiotic behaviour of the EDL. edl

Tommy Robinson quits

Paolo di Canio could be back in work soon.

Tommy Robinson, there, realising he can freely peddle Islamophobic myths from the centre ground of British politics.

Tommy Robinson to join Top Gear.

Best thing about being EDL leader is you get free dinners in Selfridges.

Lots of fat white men kicking each other, being sick, and occasionally asking for the football scores. Ah, it’s the EDL leadership election.

Given News is now just one giant situationist self-prank, I reckon Tommy Robinson will end up an Islamic extremist.

Tommy Robinson to join the Daily Mail.

Edl and Woolwich terror incident jokes

Some EDL members headed to Romania after being told to find dark skinned people with bears.

News that Tommy Robinson be heading to Woolwich got me very excited for one moment.

The secret services were monitoring one of the Woolwich attackers who first raised suspicions by ‘not being white’.

The EDL thinks Muslims threaten Britain. Yet the EDL is inspired by the Nazis, who actually did try to wipe out Britain.

After all the closet racists did their ‘terrorist raindance’ yesterday, it’s almost a relief to see made-up EU conker stories.

The way some Establishment Muslims are tweeting, I expect them to start extolling the virtues of tagines any minute.

These people are nutters. Yes oppose them but don’t give them undeserved status. Fucking Guido Fawkes.

Dear people reacting with disgust to this incident by spewing hate-filled racism. You’ve more in common with the ‘terrorists’.

Tory loons row jokes

David Cameron denies that an aide called Tory activists swivelled-eyed loons. The aide was of course referring to Tory Cabinet members.

Of course if you’re looking for a lunatic fringe in the Tories, look no further than Boris Johnson’s hair.

If the swivelled-eyed loons ran the Tories, they’d support leaving the EU, hammering the disabled and shutting libraries. Oh wait a minute.

There are no swivelled-eyed loons in the Tory party – thanks to Vision Express.


If I was caught up in a race row, I’d say: ‘I will resign when Prince Harry does.’

Our Brave New World: Ed Miliband tells Google to pay more tax. Search for Ed Miliband on Google and you now get a picture of a turd.

Sally Bercow was ruled to have libelled Lord McAlpine. If the wrongly accused had been say black and poor, you could’ve said whatever the fuck you liked.

Odd that America celebrates the fact that the Boy Scouts of America finally can’t think straight.

Peter Tatchell is director of the Peter Tatchell Foundation. Must’ve been a tough job interview that.

If only someone told George Michael: ‘Let’s not go outside.’

Let’s discuss the correct way to say a file format. Gif over!

It’s ironic that English football’s anti racism body is a white elephant.

So Gif should be pronounced ‘jif’. However no change to the pronounciation of ‘pointless discussion point of the century’.

Pun fun

For those who missed gold at the Olympics, I guess things just didn’t pan out as expected.

There‚Äôs a guy on twitter just slagging off Des Lynam…pure grandstanding.

Music on the Costa Concordia was off quay.

If there was big money in gay-only gigs, there’d be no Stones unturned.

There’s a lack of redress for people whose clothes are stolen from changing rooms.

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